MSc in Human Resource Management



21-33 months


15 December 2019




Monthly Fee: $390**
Full Fee: $8,500*
(*Exclusive Stafford Grant)

The MSc in Human Resource Management programme lays emphasis on the methods adopted by the HR department which can advance excellent leaders and specialists who facilitate a progressive and persistent change to the welfare of employees, organizations and society.

The Masters in Human Resource Management focuses on human resource as a vital component of business strategy and how it establishes its relations with other managerial operations.

The programme will enable students to grow skills in analytics, strategies and managing employees, as well as develop the ability to handle complicated matters in human resource development and management, make savvy judgments in case of incomplete data, and interconnect successfully with associates and leading managers.

Human Resource Management subjects and modules covered in this programme are: People and Organisational Development, Labour Relation, The Organisational Context of Human Resources, Learning and Development, Employee Resourcing, Human Resource Management in an International Context.

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The significance of our course material and emphasis to HR professionals, and the high level of academic accuracy are verified in the university’s successful association with The Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) HR Curriculum Guidebook. SHRM is a global HR membership entity dedicated to human resource management. Students are offered with the choice to be a student member of the the Society for a reasonable fee to make use of numerous resources and advantages granted via membership.

Students will gain access to expert knowledge in central areas of HRM and Business, supported in the latest research. You will study, relate and practice this coherent information to your particular professional setting to advance your reliability and add worth to your business.

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For admission in the programme, a Bachelor’s degree at 2:2 or above is usually expected. The University can consider lower qualification if the student provides evidence of satisfactory work experience in the suitable area and industry.

If your native language is not English, you will be required to undergo an accepted English language test. Further options can be discussed with your personal academic consultant.

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On successful achievement of the MSc in Human Resource Management course, you will be prepared with the up-to-date practices of HR Management and training along with specialized and concrete knowledge that is applicable to any industry or organisation.

Students can join SHRM to undertake SHRM Certified Qualifications, predominantly beneficial if they are pursuing employment opportunities in countries where the SHRM is the preferred certification.

Please note that Edinburgh Napier University’s website (www.napier.ac.uk) is the most up to date source of information regarding courses. We strongly recommend that you always visit the website before making any commitments.

** Please contact your consultant for the updated instalment plan