MSc in Data Science



24-33 months


15 December 2019




Monthly Fee: $500**
Full Fee: $8,500*
(*Exclusive Stafford Grant)

The MSc in Data Science programme is provided online from the Edinburgh Napier University is aimed at acquisition of skills and knowledge for professionals in technical, software or business related positions. If you are employed in the capacity of a data related role in an organization, then you can definitely benefit from this programme.

The course content and insight provided in this programme equips students to pursue excellence within their organizational settings. The programme's main aim is not just the professional development of the students, but also to encourage students to focus on specialist areas in their professional field.

The MSc in Data Science programme has a work based learning component, The Advanced Professional Practice module. This runs over three trimesters (12 months). In this module, certain projects related to Data Science will be administered wherein, you will be required to spend around 10-15 hours of your work time on a weekly basis, dedicated to the project. This will provide learning opportunities and will serve as an evidence for meeting academic outcomes of this module.

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The Edinburgh Napier University has external links with numerous local, national and international organizations within the data science discipline. These external links provide exceptional opportunities for research and knowledge transfer.

The online mode of learning provides the opportunity to study off campus but graduate in the UK, with no travel involved. The university's flexible study time table allows you to complete your module assessment within the specified submission dates.

The programme provides real time interaction with specialist tutors and students from different backgrounds to share individual insight and experiences, whilst providing excellent networking opportunities. The online portal of the university provides access to tutors and global online support team who assist students throughout the course of their studies.

The online data science degree equips students with critical thinking and analytical skills to work in senior management roles in world class organizations. The course uses holistic approach related to Data Analytics whilst imparting theoretical and practical knowledge.

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Students will normally hold a Bachelors' degree with 2:2 classification, or above, in a relevant field, such as software development, business or computing analytics. The University may also consider qualifications that demonstrate acquired knowledge at SCQF level 10.

With regards to work experience, applicants with experience in job roles related to data science are encouraged to apply. Furthermore, experience in associated technologies such as databases, software development and related fields is also considered.

For applicants whose first language is not English, an approved English language test is normally recommended, however, alternative options can be further discussed with your personal academic consultant.

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Successfully completing the Online Data Science Masters programme will pave a career progression towards the role as a leading Data Scientist. The programme also enhances your dedication towards higher management positions, thereby increasing chances of promotion.

Please note that Edinburgh Napier University’s website (www.napier.ac.uk) is the most up to date source of information regarding courses. We strongly recommend that you always visit the website before making any commitments.

** Please contact your consultant for the updated instalment plan