A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the world’s most popular professional degree programme designed for those wishing to develop careers in business and management.

History and Development

The first MBA programmes began to appear about 100 years ago in the US and have expanded drastically over the years to around 3,000 programmes that are now available globally. Although the title of the degree remains the same (it may now include a specialism) the duration, delivery, quality, assessment, content, admission criteria, price and many other factors can differ significantly. Choosing the right programme depends on the individual and their particular circumstances. One size does not fit all.

What is the Difference between Distance, Blended and Online Delivery?

It might seem a simple task, however defining these terms is difficult because they have developed over time and place to become used differently by different institutions and sometimes interchangeably.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is any course that is delivered off the University’s campus

Part-Time Learning

Part-Time learning is a mix of taught and online classes and support

Online MBA Course

An Online MBA is purely delivered over the internet.

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