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MBA courses

An MBA course is an excellent choice for individuals who want to learn business management from a holistic approach, as it covers all the fundamentals of managing a business: financial strategy, marketing strategy, organisational behaviour etc. Available MBA course are an Part time MBA, MBA Top-up degree, and an Online MBA with 13 specialisations routes.

Teaching & Education courses

The Teaching courses and Education courses offered allows teachers to critically analyse different teaching practices from around the world, helping them build a deeper -and practical – knowledge of their teaching subject. Experienced teachers can pursue a QTS – Qualified Teacher Status, a Masters in Education degree, with 5 different specialisations including a Masters in TESOL specialisation for teachers wishing to enhance their English language teaching skills.

Data Science & Data Analytics courses

The Data Science and Data Analytics courses offered is an Online Masters in Data Science and an Online Masters in Data Engineering. Both are Online Master of Science degrees that focuses on teaching technically oriented and practical data analytical techniques utilising the CRISP-DM methodology.  Learning to work with data analytic software tools such as OpenR, Weka, Tableau and MapReduce.

DBA Business Doctorate

The DBA Doctorate degree offered is a DBA Doctor of Business Administration degree. A DBA is equivalent to a PhD, but emphasises practical learning to solve real world business issues using new applications of knowledge.

Banking & Finance courses

The Masters in Banking and Finance courses offered are  Online MBA in Finance, an Online Masters in Finance and others. These courses teaches Banking and Finance professionals crucial aspects of day-to-day operations relating to these sectors and management skills to excel in it.

HR courses

The HR courses offered are an Online MBA in HR and an Online Masters in HRM. Learn core HR skills and HR best practices relating to training and development, change management, employee relations and more.

Computing & IT courses

IT courses on offer is an Online MBA in Information Systems Strategy and Governance.

Business Management courses

Stafford Global offers and extensive portfolio of Business management courses including a Masters in Business Administration with specialisation routes across varied management functions and degrees covering integral management skills such as an Online MBA in Leadership & Innovation or an Online MBA in Entrepreneurship. These online management degree courses enable are designed to improve people management skills, core business functions and practical skills such as time management.

Marketing courses

The Communications and Marketing courses offered include an Online MBA in MarketingOnline MBA in Events Management and an Online Masters in Marketing. These degrees cover strategic marketing, strategic brand management and PR strategies focused on building long term competitive advantage.

Logistics & Project Management courses

The Project Management courses offered are an Online MBA in Project Management and an Online Masters in Construction Project Management designed to teach professionals how to achieve project specific goals within budget, scope and to the deadline. The Logistics courses offered are an Online MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management covering the essentials of managing operations in a global trade environment in constant flux, and an Online Masters in Transport Planning and Engineering teaching core skills needed to develop logistical infrastructure for urban planning.

Healthcare courses

Some of the Healthcare courses offered include an Online MBA in Healthcare Management, a Bachelors in Nursing Top-up Degree and a Masters in Infection Control & Prevention with PG Cert and PG Diploma entry and exit routes.


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