Bandana Mukherjee

Academic Consultant - Management Programmes

Email ID:
Phone: +91 828 707 8913
Location: India

Bandana is an Academic Consultant who currently advises potential studentsinterested in the Business Management Programmes. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, with 5 yearsof workexperience in the ElectronicsIndustry. However, her love for children made her make a switch to the Education sector whereshe spent over 20 yearstutoring students,and brings with her a substantial knowledge of educational practices and counselling know-how.

Apart from her interests in tutoring, mentoring and counselling, she is also a Bibliophile.She has a strong passion for Theatre, Music and Art, andBandana loves to write in Bengali - her native language -even penninga few plays and poetry which have been performed in public. She also loves to explore innovative ideas frequently.

Bandana follows a life philosophy of always striving for growth and development, both personally and for society at large. The most important thing she prioritises is a person's growth and wellbeing.