Dr. Aftab Dean
Dr. Aftab Dean


Dr Dean has worked with a number of prominent companies, in the UK, to assess their corporate reputation based on his longitudinal analysis of over 20 sectors. The consultancy projects have permitted Dr Dean to develop an approach to attach a financial value to intangible business activities. Senior corporate directors have all commented on the invaluable insights that the analysis has provided them to target their resources to ensure they remain competitive and sustainable.

The most recent global projects that Dr Dean has been actively involved in include identifying key customer segments groups, for a leading European Bank, to ensure that the Bank is targeting its resources to grow the business. In Africa, Dr Dean was involved in a major project to enhance governance in Banks and entrepreneurial activities in SMEs. In North America, Dr Dean was involved with a manufacturing company to develop a programme to stimulate innovation among employees. In Asia, Dr Dean was involved in refining a student experience questionnaire to assess the learning experience of students in higher education. Previous projects have included assessing the brand identity of products for which a propriety survey instrument was developed to assess the key attributes customers attach to a product / service.

Dr Dean has been trained on the analysis of large datasets and his advanced statistical modelling has helped companies gain a deeper understanding of their customers, market and future opportunities. The data modelling skills acquired by Dr Dean have resulted in being commissioned by the UK Government agencies to analyse their vast datasets to help focus their attention and resources.

With over two decades experience of working in Higher Education (HE) Dr Dean has been involved in the research of key aspects of the student experience. The Higher Education Academy discipline groups commissioned Dr Dean to analyse the UK’s national student survey (NSS). The experience gained through undertaking these projects enabled Dr Dean to develop a propriety student learning experience questionnaire that has been administered in several high-profile English universities to help senior management gain an insight into their student body. Dr Dean has been responsible for the accreditation of a number of postgraduate and doctoral programmes. His knowledge of undertaking research has not only benefited global companies but dissertation students (over 300 at both undergraduate and postgraduate level) and his 35 doctoral students who successfully defended their thesis at viva.

My core key research interests are: Corporate Reputation, Corporate Governance, CSR, Branding, Halal Branding, Innovation Management, Market Segmentation, Student Learning, HE management, Talent Management, Authentic Leadership