Stafford Crest Colours

The red and white crest colours pay tribute to Dubai and the UAE, the birthplace of Stafford Global. The colours mirror the national colours and the related symbolism of the country’s flag.The red colour symbolises strength and courage, while the white colour represents honesty. Stafford Global, as a pioneer of quality distance learning and online education, strives towards providing easily accessible, affordable, quality education for everyone. We endeavour to achieve this vision in an ethical, honest and transparent manner.

Stafford Crest Parchment

Parchment was a popular writing medium for nearly 2,000 years. It symbolises knowledge and learning and is indicative of the higher education degree a student receives upon graduation. The Latin words AD MELIORA, meaning “towards better things” are inscribed on the Stafford parchment, followed by the roman numerals MCMXCIII. AD MELIORA was chosen because a solid education will give you a head start to achieve great things in your future career. MCMXCIII represents the number 1993, the year in which Stafford Global was established.

Stafford Crest Knot & Stafford Lion

The Staffordshire knot represents the birthplace of Stafford Global’s founder, Phil Marsh. The white lion, the national emblem of England, where most of our university partners are based, symbolises the strength of the UK education system.

Stafford Stars

The three stars on the crest stand for the three core principles of Stafford Global:

Quality Education, Accessibility & Affordability, and Student Support. At Stafford Global we believe in providing affordable, high quality distance education and online learning courses to individuals who wish to pursue a higher education, but whose work and personal commitments do not leave much room for flexibility.

We take great pride in the ability of our experienced Higher Education Consultants who take enormous care in guiding and supporting these working professionals to make the right choice for their educational and career requirements.

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