Online Education

Choosing to undertake an Undergraduate, Masters or Doctorate degree is an important and yet daunting decision. Our Higher Education consultants assist students in: highlighting the benefits of online studying, selecting the degree which best suits their needs and circumstances, and successfully applying and registering for their selected programme.

Flexible & Affordable

Online degrees have increased in popularity due to their flexibility and affordability.

Think about your ideal study environment. Where, when and how do you like to study? Consider whether it is easily accessible, comfortable or convenient for regular study.

For some, it could be their home, office or even a coffee shop. Online degrees offer students a chance to study in their ideal environment with round- the- clock access to course materials and university libraries. With this kind of flexibility completing a degree while working full time, means your income and career remain unaffected.

Course Study Materials

All our partner universities offer online education resources and in order for students to fully benefit from these resources, good internet access is a pre-requisite. Teaching and learning at our UK partner universities is made possible through the online virtual learning platforms,  which registered users can access  anytime from anywhere in the world.

These online platforms are integral to the online learning process and allow students to:

  • Access some or all course materials
  • Take part in online discussions with students and tutors via discussion boards
  • Access presentations or tutorials
  • Submit assignments and receive feedback on their performance

Online learning students enjoy the same access to partner universities’ libraries journals, e-books, articles, reports and papers, as the fulltime students studying on campus.

Researching topics and information for assignments is faster and more efficient through the use of the online platforms.


An additional benefit of an online learning degree is that many do not require students to write exams. Most students are assessed by means of assignments or coursework where they are expected to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired to a provided scenario.

All coursework can be accessed online at any time, before the assignment deadline.

Masters students are also required to submit a written dissertation on a topic agreed upon by both tutor and student. This is the final step in the Masters degree programme. Tutors provide students with detailed feedback on all the coursework that is assessed.

Student Support

There is a misconception that students who are undertaking distance learning courses are left to struggle all alone. Our partner universities ensure that distance students have a vast support network, from their peers who form part of their online study group, to personal tutors who are dedicated to providing assistance.

Tutors are experts in the modules they teach and are therefore fully capable of providing students with the necessary guidance to succeed.

Stafford Global’s vast experience in distance learning, means that we recognise the type of academic guidance and administrative support our students will need to successfully complete their degrees.

For more information on the degrees offered or to assess your eligibility please, contact our Higher Education consultants

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